The Chit Chat Challenge

With the semifinals approaching, the EVE Team has been working on getting EVE up and talking. As they started training the recurrent neural networks they realized they needed something very important, something that every human has, something that is so common it is often quickly forgotten, something so unique that builds connections, something so central to what it means to be human.

They needed conversations.

First experiments with conversations harvested from the internet quickly revealed that they needed different conversations. They needed conversations that were free of profanity, racial slurs, and heated political arguments.

With that, the Chit-Chat Challenge was created.

The Chit-Chat Challenge is a win-win situation for the research team and for any BYU student that wants to participate.

It is a win for the research team because they get the exact conversational data that they need. They get conversations that are positive, clean, and very natural and human.

It is a win for the BYU students because of the amazing prizes involved. On the website, students get points for each conversation that they have. The points are based on an algorithm that measures the length, uniqueness, and eloquence of the conversation, and a friendly, witty, and upbeat rating given after each conversation. The more a student chats, the more points they get. On May 16, 2018, when the competition ends, the winner will receive a MacBook Pro. The runners up will get iPads, headphones, or a box of BYU truffles. 

This is an exciting competition, and every BYU student is invited to be a part of it. To start chatting, click on the following link:

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