Samples from AI Dungeon 2

Several months ago after GPT-2 came out we built an AI generated text adventure called AI Dungeon which you can try out yourself. Based on the smaller version of GPT-2 AI Dungeon uses deep neural networks to generate actions and the results of those actions.

Since AI Dungeon came out several new and better text generation models have been released. Now we’re working on the sequel to AI Dungeon using the 1.6 Billion parameter Salesforce CTRL model Here’s one of the amazing samples that have come out of it so far:

You wake up in an old rundown hospital with no memory of how you got there. [Generated from here] You look around and see that the walls are covered by a thick layer of dust which is slowly falling off as if it was being pulled from the ground. The only thing to do now is try to find your way out before this place completely falls apart.

As soon as you get outside though, you realize something there isn’t right. There aren’t any signs or even anything on the ground indicating where you are.

> try to use my phone gps to see where I am

You try to use your phone gps to see where you are. It tells you you’re at the top of the mountain but there’s nothing here except for some trees.

You’re pretty sure you’ve been lost forever when suddenly you hear someone yell “Hello?” This sounds familiar so you turn around. A man walks past you. He looks like he’s about 40 years old. He’s wearing what seems to be a green shirt and jeans. His hair is long and he has glasses on.

> ask the man what happened here

You ask the man what happened here.
“You were looking for a certain tree.”
“I was.”
“Well, I found it.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Thank you.”
When you leave the man, you walk back into town. You go through all these stores trying to find something. Finally, after walking through several stores, you come across a small shop. It’s very small, just enough room for one person. However, it’s not empty. There’s a woman sitting behind it. She doesn’t seem too happy though.

> ask the woman for some food and water

You ask the woman for some food and water. After she gives them to you, you notice she’s wearing nothing but her underwear.

Now, you’re confused. Why would anyone wear their underwear outside? But then again, maybe that’s why they do. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll catch someone else doing it, so they’d rather be alone. So you sit down, eat some food, drink water, and start watching TV. Your wife comes home at about 10:30, and asks what’s going on.

>tell her you woke up in a strange hospital in the mountains

You tell her you woke up in a strange hospital in the mountains. She says it’s probably just a dream, but you don’t want to believe her.

A few minutes later, she calls you. She’s worried because you’ve been acting strange. And when you answer, you hear footsteps coming towards you. They sound like those of a man running through snow. You’re scared, but you can’t help yourself. You run into the room and open the door.

It’s not a dream. It really happened. I saw it.

> make an appointment with a psychiatrist

You make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

When he comes in, he’s very skeptical. He tells you about his own experience with schizophrenia. But then he starts talking about what happened last night. What you’re seeing right now. He’s convinced that schizophrenia runs in families. That there’s some kind of genetic predisposition for it. So that’s why you have these episodes every once in awhile.