Support EVE

A big project like EVE is most likely to succeed when lots of people pitch in and help. If you’d like to be one of those people, here are some things you can do.

Join the Mailing List. As EVE continues to evolve, we’ll need beta testers from all geographical areas and all walks of life. We especially invite participation from marginal and underrepresented groups, to make sure EVE understands your needs as well as she understands the majority. Mailing list members will be notified once beta testing begins.

Join Mailing List


Share your ideas. We want to know your vision for EVE. What should she care about? How should she behave? What would be just, like, SO awesome? (Please note that for now, EVE has voice-only capabilities. She can’t access your music library, turn off your lights, make a phone call, or take control of an army of LEGO robots. Sad, but true.)

Contact EVE


What about other kinds of support? If you would like to offer another kind of support, please contact Dr. David Wingate.